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Walled Garden Workplace

Walled Garden Workplace

Walled Garden Workplace

Walled Garden Workplace

We developed a contextual design for a workplace design in Cheshire which built upon the nature of a walled garden in an historic estate and the historic pathways within.

The solution is one of a very landscaped and timber feel.

The resultant building blends the poetic; ideas such as a “glade”, and landscaped courtyards, with the many practical issues of a modern workplace, such as phasing, maximising flexibility of rental units, and contemporary ways of working.

The sensitive historic nature of the context for the proposed interventions required careful thought into how they are constructed.

The construction would need to be as quick, quiet and clean as possible.

It could be pre-fabricated or modularised, so that it can be brought to site and craned onto a base, possibly from outside the walled garden.

Cross Laminated Timber panels offer a very sustainable, prefabricated material which can be lifted into the walled gardens with

NW338 Business Unit Garden View.jpg
NW338 Courtyard View.jpg