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With the generous financial help of many of our previous UK clients we raised money to enable us to spend a week working with a small rural NGO, Siyathuthuka, in South Africa in December 2017.

Siyathuthuka work with outpatients at their homes, covering a large area by foot. Whilst attending their patients, the care-workers identified approximately 100 children who were in vulnerable situations and in need of additional care and nutrition.

Siyathuthuka had been given a piece of land to develop buildings to house a safe haven for these children as well as the wider community they are serving. Before our visit they managed to build the first building comprising a double garage with a small area to the rear acting as a kitchen. The children were able to come here after school - be safe and get a good meal.

The quality of the existing building was not great. The space only had minimal windows and only two garage doors.

During our time there we worked on simple interventions: a verandah to keep the strong sun away from the building, the incorporation of a drainage system and a external play space for the children.

Front Elevation.jpg