We have submitted a planning application for 20 new homes and a flexible workspace in Box, Wiltshire. We are working with Real World Studios and Stonewood Properties to create fantastic new housing complemented by modern business space to encourage forward-thinking companies in Box to thrive. The digital revolution has seen a wealth of opportunities created in the region and our scheme looks to embrace this change.

The two sites, known as Timber Yard and Millside, are owned by Real World Studios.

The Timber Yard, as its name suggests, is currently a working timber wholesaler. For this site a sustainable community of 20 homes is being proposed. 

Millside currently incorporates office space within an existing stone building, and large Nissen hut type buildings which are no longer fit for purpose. For this site a development of flexible workspace (1700 sq m) is being proposed to complement Real World Studios and to replace the Nissen huts.

Small Project Architect of the Year 2016

RIBA National Award Winner 2015