Woodland Trust HQ

In 2010, Matt Vaudin delivered the award-winning and highly sustainable headquarters for the Woodland Trust, whilst he was a partner at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios.

In 2017, Stonewood Design are working with the Trust to explore how to accommodate more staff within a possible extension.

The proposed design beds itself within the local surroundings through the use of local materials, whilst also retaining a relationship with the existing headquarters' building through the incorporation of timber cladding.

“Dear Matt, I am in awe at the range of skills you have brought to this project. Your vision, attention to detail, technical knowledge and ability to project manage, as well as keep an eye on costs, has been amazing.

I am sure you are as proud of what you have achieved as we are and hopefully you will return again and again with prospective clients.”

Julian Purvis,
Director of Corporate Services, The Woodland Trust

Small Project Architect of the Year 2016

RIBA National Award Winner 2015