Waterhouse sits within the Monkton Combe Valley, on the outskirts of Bath, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is operating as a successful place to stay, do business or hold an event.

The land surrounding Waterhouse provides an opportunity to create a playful and poetic landscape, which aligns seamlessly with a sound business case, provides outdoor spaces which serve the residents, and delivers a holistic and sustainable masterplan for the site.

The site, and its geology and history provide the opportunity to let it speak to us and inform the emerging ideas and designs.

Waterhouse can celebrate its relationship with water - the well, rooftop rainwater collection, springs, irrigation, ponds and pools. The journey from “source to sea” can be reinforced through rills and channels. These can serve to link the various landscapes as a narrative, enriching them as it meanders through - from the “hide” at the top of the slope, down to the brook. The native marine geology, hidden below the surface can be revealed through the fossils evident in the stone blocks. The flood plain at the Midford Brook can be functional and positive, working with a waterside landscape.

Small Project Architect of the Year 2016

RIBA National Award Winner 2015