Misson Gallery

Mission Gallery

A contemporary extension to an historic art gallery in Swansea

We created the opportunity for a new external gallery and entrance space which makes the Mission Gallery more accessible, bringing what’s going on inside, to the outside.

The proposed form mirrors the existing, but the architecture is distinct in its contemporary nature. There is a clear distinction between old and new.

Our scheme rebuilds the tower, providing a new core allowing vertical access. A viewing area is provided at the top, allowing views out to the harbour.

Whilst being practical and functional, the top of the tower is also poetic and romantic. It is explicit in its void - an empty tomb, prepared and waiting for the lost Bell of St. Nicholas to one day return. This becomes the symbol and signage for the gallery - an illuminated space of nothingness, radiating out from the gallery.

Mission Gallery was an open design competition for which we were shortlisted.

Small Project Architect of the Year 2016

RIBA National Award Winner 2015