We have submitted our housing and workplace project with Real World Studios for Planning!

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Real World Studios in partnership with Stonewood have submitted planning applications for the redevelopment of the two separate sites known as the Timber Yard and Millside alongside the Bybrook in Box, Wiltshire. The project is known as Timber_Mill_Box and the sites form part of a wider site owned by Real World Studios.

The ambition for the development is to create a sustainable community of high quality new housing complemented by modern business space to encourage forward-thinking companies in Box to thrive.

For several years Real World Studios have been considering the best ways to evolve and flourish in a rapidly changing world. The digital revolution has seen a wealth of opportunities created within the creative and technology sector in the region and the application schemes look to embrace this change. The development of a new, vibrant flexible workspace would meet this objective whilst allowing people to perfectly balance lifestyle and commercial success within the community of Box. It would fit comfortably with Real World’s existing operations.

The proposals are intended to breathe new life into both sites in a sympathetic manner, carefully considering and enhancing the existing woodland landscape and ecology. The sites are currently designated as “previously developed land”.

Timber Yard is currently a working timber wholesaler. The proposal for this site is to remove the existing tired asbestos clad structures and create a community of 20 new homes.

Millside currently incorporates office space within an existing stone building, along with two large nissen style hut buildings which are used for storage and as well as small project studios. These buildings are no longer fit for purpose and therefore it is proposed to replace them with attractive and flexible workspaces designed to complement Real World Studios and a attract a new generation of creative people to the site. The existing stone building will be retained.

The designs will maximise energy efficiency in their operational use, through the use of low and zero carbon technologies. The development will benefit from a low embodied energy in its choice of primary structural materials. Green roofs throughout both sites will aid water attenuation alongside a sustainable urban drainage system within the landscape design.

The team have undertaken presentations and a public consultation with the village, and feedback has been incorporated into the designs.

Office-Warming Party


Welcoming drink to all our neighbours, as we move into temporary accommodation at: Studio 4, Toll Bridge Studios, Toll Bridge Road, Bath, BA1 7DE.

In the meantime we are busy designing our permanent office which we hope to move into next year!

Watch this space.......

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