Emily Garden Museum

A new Museum of the Garden on the Emily Estate in Somerset. The Museum is set underground with one elevation opening onto the adjacent woodland.

The Museum forms part of the wider visitor attraction at Emily in Somerset. This includes gardens, cider production, visitor facilities, hotel and a restaurant. It is envisaged that the Museum will form the first “draw” to encourage visitors to explore further afield than the nucleus of visitor facilities around the historic walled garden.

The proposals will include an exhibition gallery, a visitor reception, refreshments, gift shop and conveniences.

"Almost every man, woman and child in Britain has some connection to the garden. From the pots of carefully cultivated herbs on the balcony of the high-rise urbanite to the sprawling manicured lawns and clipped parterre borders of the country house, the pastimes of tending and enjoying gardens are almost universally shared."


Small Project Architect of the Year 2016

RIBA National Award Winner 2015